Notre histoire – Kwetukwenu

Our story

In our culture, welcoming friends and family in our homes and sharing food and drinks is a way of life. Kwetu Kwenu, translated in Swahili is “From us, to you”, as a concept is inspired by the African culture. We care by sharing and connecting to communities by delivering quality goods and services, efficiently, consistently and affordably. Kwetu Kwenu Group Sarl and Ltd was incorporated in 2015, and has unlimited resources with the capacity to deliver a wide range of products & projects to a multitude of clients in diverse markets, with a dynamic team of professionals that is fluent in both English and French. 

Kwetu Kwenu Group Sarl

+243 972 722 343

+243 852 377 721

Our address

Nord Kivu / Goma, Av. Du Golfe,
No. 55, Q. Katindo

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